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Plein Air Grand Marais

Plein Air Grand Marais is a week-long outdoor painting competition that culminates in an exhibit showcasing the North Shore landscape. Artists paint throughout Cook County to capture the beauty of this region.  Chasing fleeting moments of changing light, these artists must both depict what the scene looks like, as well as the feeling it evokes.

Thank you for your interest in Plein Air Grand Marais.  If you woud like to learn more about participating, click here.


Main Category
1st Place | Dan Mondloch, "End of the Season"
2nd Place | Larry Seiler, "Temperance off the Grade"
3rd Place | Carl Bretzke, "Herring Dock"
Honorable Mention | Bob Bonawitz, "Morning on the Fresh Water Sea"
Honorable Mention | James Turner, "Rosefalls BWCA"

Night Paint
Winner | Kathie Wheeler, "Reflecting on the Day"
Honorable Mention | Larry Seiler, "Campsite 17"

Quick Paint 
Winner | James Turner, "Hidden Gem"
Honorable Mention | Paula Gustafson, "Orange Inlet"

Sense of Place
Winner | Mike Rada "It's Just Lunch"
Honorable Mention | Sue Wipf, "My Soul's Delight"

Red Suspender
Winner | Carl Bretzke, "Herring Dock"
Finalist | Dan Mondloch, "Devil's Track, First Light"

People's Choice Award
Winner | Dan Mondloch, "End of the Season"

Open Class Best in Show
Winner | Angie Malin, "1390 Water Access"

Main Category
1st Place | Carl Bretzke, "Behind the Fish Dock"
2nd Place | Dan Mackerman, "Dingy Dance" 
3rd Place | Bob Upton, "Sunny Surf"
Honorable Mention | Neil Sherman, "Thompson Falls"

Night Paint
Winner | Kathleen Wheeler, "Spinning Yarns" 
Honorable Mention | David Gilsvik, "Back Door Holiday Gas"

Quick Paint 
Winner | Sue Wipf, "90 Minutes on Ancient Rocks" 
Honorable Mention | Tom McGreger, "The Rock Walkers"

Sense of Place
Winner | Christopher Copeland, "Red Rocks Near Grand Portage"

Red Suspender
Winner | Dan Mondloch, "Walking on Artist Point" 

People's Choice Award | Bob Upton, "Rugged & Serene"

Open Class Best in Show | Liz Oppenheimer, "Night Lights at the Harbor"

1st Place | Clear Water by Bob Upton 
2nd Place | Red Rock by Tom McGregor 
3rd Place | Cascade Falls Rush by Sue Wipf 
Honorable Mention | Bambe by Lawrence Rudolech 

Night Paint
Winner | Firelight by Scott Lloyd Anderson 
Honorable Mention | Harbor at Night by Carl Bretzke 

Quick Paint
Winner | Waiting for the Sun by Carl Bretzke 
Honorable Mention | The Great Freshwater Sea by Robert Hodges-Bonawitz 

Red Suspender Winner | Harley's Old Truck by Carl Bretzke 
People's Choice Award | Clearwater by Bob Upton 

Main Category
1st Place:Bob Upton
2nd Place: Paula Gustafson
3rd Place:Dave Gilsvik
Honorable Mentions:Andy Evansen, Lisa Stauffer
Night Paint
Winner:Andy Evansen
Honorable Mention: Bob Upton
Quick Paint
Winner:Chris Copeland
Honorable Mention: Tom Dimock
People's Choice Award:Dave Gilsvik
Red Suspender Invitational winner: Dave Gilsvik

Pictures from 2014 can be found here 

1st Place: Carl Bretzke "Pincushion View"
2nd Place: David Gilsvik "Setting Sail"
Also People's Choice & Red Suspender-aka-Artists Choice
3rd Place: Lee Englund "Sugarloaf Cove"
Honorable Mention: Bob Upton "Sugarloaf Cove"
Honorable Mention: Derek Davis "Sky Show"
Night Paint Winner: Carl Bretzke "Tavern Backside"
Quick Paint Winner: Richard Abraham "Sky Pools"


1st Place: Susan Novak
2nd Place: David Gilsvik
3rd Place: Spencer Meagher
Night Paint: Matt Kania
Quick Paint: Christopher Copeland
People's Choice: Lisa Stauffer


1st Place: Scott Lloyd Anderson
2nd Place: Susan Novak
3rd Place: Christopher Copeland
Night Paint: Michelle Wegler
Quick Paint: Neil Sherman
People's Choice: Lisa Stauffer


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