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Tour d'Art: The Home Collection Fundraiser

October 4, 2014

The Grand Marais Art Colony presents: 

Tour d'Art: The Legacy
A Grand Marais Art Colony Fundraiser
Saturday, October 4, NOON

An exclusive opportunity to visit the unique homes, studios & art collections of those who impacted the Art Colony - from founders to artists. Extensive artwork ranges from original stormy scenes by Howard Sivertson to sculptures by Paul Granlund. The tour culminates in a private reception at the Art Colony. Participants will have the first opportunity to buy work from The Legacy Exhibit featuring Birney QUick, Byron Bradley, Hazel Belvo, Marcia Cushmore, Sharon & Steve Frykman, Liz Sivertson & select students with whom these legacy artists have influenced. 
Limited tickets available, reserve your spot today! | (218) 387-2737

These houses are not open to the public so this is a rare opportunity to see some of the North Shore's most impressive art collections and architecture.

2014 details
About the homes on the tour

The vacation home of Hazel Belvo and Casey Cushmore…
 Hazel Belvo began teaching at the Art Colony in 1981.  She continues to be one of the most sought after instructors at the Art Colony to this day.  Hazel also serves on the Board of Directors for the Grand Marais Art Colony. The home that you will visit on the tour is a vacation home for Hazel and Marcia.  The space includes their living space and a studio for each artist.  When you enter the home, you will experience the positive energy provided by the well-designed space and the view of Lake Superior.  The living area surrounds you with beautiful art, some made by Marcia and Hazel and other pieces made by their many talented friends.  There is an interesting story oozing out of every corner of their living space.

The home of Emma and Byron Bradley…
Byron Bradley was a quiet foundational force for the Grand Marais Art Colony.   He served as an instructor at the Art Colony and the manager of the art supply store there.  Dan Quick remembers Byron as “the renaissance man” from his youth.  Byron smiles when he recalls the time when the returning GI’s mixed with the artists and community members. He credits Birney Quick and the Hedstrom family for bringing art, such as jazz groups, pianists, ballet and even the symphony to the Grand Marais community. 
The Bradley’s have invited you to see the Lake Superior cabin where they first lived when they spent summers in Grand Marais.  The cabin, built by Byron, has a unique fireplace and a spectacular deck that takes you right out to the lake.  In the cabin, you will see an example of “fresco” art.  On the west wall of the cabin, Byron used the art or technique of painting on a moist, plaster surface with colors ground up in water or a limewater mixture. 
When Byron and Emma decided to make their permanent home in Grand Marais, Byron designed and built the octagon shaped structure that is their home.  The home includes many of Byron's pieces and other favorites, such as Paul Granlund. 

The home of Linda and Dan Quick...
 Dan Quick is the son of Grand Marais Art Colony founder, Birney Quick.  As a young boy, Dan remembers hanging out at the art colony when it was the “Town Hall Art Colony”.  He practiced his drums at the “new” Art Colony at the former St. John’s Catholic Church and remembers the fish fries and the clothes line art sales.
 Linda and Dan purchased the former home of Birney Quick and have remodeled and added on to make it a year-round home.  Their recently finished home is adorned with Birney’s art and other art pieces that he collected over his lifetime.  

The Home and Studio of Sharon and Steve Frykman...
 A student of Birney’s, Sharon moved to Grand Marais to study.  Then a painter and now an accomplished glass artist, many have seen her work at the Angry Trout or the Sawtooth Mountain Clinic.  Sharon describes her role in the legacy of the Art Colony as someone who helped keep the doors open after Birney Quick’s death in 1981. She wrote the paperwork for Grand Marais Arts, Inc.  She is a former director and board member of the Grand Marais Art Colony & feels the Art Colony is the heart of Grand Marais.
The Frykman home is set in a beautiful meadow (uncommon for north shore).  The studio and home are mostly “self-built” and they have built it to reflect the artist lifestyle.  It features glass and sculpture created by the owners. You will enjoy seeing the works of Birney Quick, Laurie Tofte, Laura Frykman, and Bernice Frykman in the home.  Along with their home, guests will have an opportunity to see the Frykman’s studio. 

The Studio of Liz Sivertson...
Liz Sivertson took classes from Elizabeth Erickson and Hazel Belvo at the Grand Marais Art Colony when she was in her 20’s.  She learned that her focus in art could be smaller, playful and more cartoon like.  Sharon Frykman said that Liz started that class as a regular painter and left it as what is clearly recognizable style – Liz Sivertson’s. Today, she teaches classes at the Art Colony. 
 Liz Sivertson’s whimisical home and studio will entice you with color and texture.  You can see her progression as an artist in the home.  Her ability to see artful ways to decorate and her courage to freely use color will lighten your spirit and mood. Liz's home features her own work, as well as Howard Sivertson, Laurie Toth, & Kat Corrigan   Liz’s studio will be open during the tour as well.



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