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Tim Young

Tim Young

Founders Hall

Tim Young was born in Detroit, Michigan.  The son of a missionary doctor, Tim grew up in Liberia, West Africa before returning to Detroit where he attended the Center For Creative Studies.

Tim has been passionate about art since early childhood, but Grand Marais is the place where his passion and artistic identity developed.  Tim's work is characterized by his bold use of color and whimsical forms, whether he is depicting the forest in an impressionistic style, expressing emotions in an abstract expressionist genre or creating a portrait of an animal or person.  "Art is a visual language, and my paintings all contain stories of places I've been or things I have heard or felt.  They are my footprints that I will leave behind," said Tim of his recent show at the Johnson Heritage Post Gallery in Grand Marais.  His work has been exhibited throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin.

Tim's approach to painting is meditative and personal, and wants to instill in others the belief that "You have something important to say.  You can express yourself through paint in a way that only you can."

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