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Summer Youth Art Space: Western Art History

Summer Youth Art Space: Western Art History

June - August, 2016; 10am - Noon; Open to all ages (see dates below)

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Read through the schedule below to find out about our Summer Youth Art Space series. Get creative at the Art Colony and explore a variety of art materials and projects. Open to all ages; children 6 and under must be accompanied by an adult; no need to pre-register but space may be limited.

June 8 | Art History Timeline
Help create a timeline of western art history while exploring a variety of art materials. At the end of the session participants will unite their portions of the timeline into one and gain a better understanding of how art has developed throughout history.
June 15 | Lascaux Cave Art
Using newsprint paper and neutral colored chalk, participants will create an animal or landform they would want people to remember thousands of years from now.
June 22 | Greek Columns
Learn about the three orders of Greek columns and then design and create your own relief versions of Greek columns and identify which order they belong to.
July 20 | Leonardo DaVinci Fresco Painting
Using fresh plaster, participants will discover the ancient painting method of frescoes and discover the relationship between fresh, flexible plaster and paint.
July 27 | Degas's Dancers
Explore oil pastels to draw a scene inspired by Degas's famous ballerina paintings. Learn to add three-dimensional elements to the drawing to create depth and unique artwork.
August 3 | Salvador Dali Animals
Participants will use drawing materials and watercolor to choose an animal(s) that they will then transform into surreal creatures with exaggerated features.
August 24 | Mel Chin Fundred Dollar Bills
A great end to the summer and a fun art project while doing good for our friends from around the country! The American artist, Mel Chin, created this project where students get to design their own dollar bills to help prevent lead poisoning in cities all across America. The valuable drawings will be delivered to Washington D.C. with a request for an even exchange of the creative capital for real resources to help with water quality issues.
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