• Three students working intently on pencil drawings

The 100DayProject

2021 Dates: December 21, 2020 – March 20, 2021

This year the 100DayProject is pivoting away from the commitment of a rigorous, daily effort and softening to a weekly practice instead. The 2021 project will be “Solstice to Equinox – Out of the Darkness into the Light,” and the theme for this year’s project is “Hope.”

The Solstice Project is a weekly holistic and gentle approach to growing a creative habit. It encourages participants to spend time both in contemplation and creative exploration. And just as you would with a 100DayProject, you pick a focus for your project.  Participants can study, document, journal, practice, experiment, play, make, observe, and practice each week.   Once you choose a project focus, you make a commitment to spend working time with your project each week (or more if you want).

Participants are encouraged to register their project on the 100DayProject website to receive weekly creative prompts. Prompts and questions to ponder will be sent each Sunday for 12 weeks, starting December 21st.

What is the 100DayProject?

The 100DayProject is about cultivating a creative habit. Simply do one small creative exercise daily and then move on with your day. This is not about judgment – it’s about doing one thing, every day for 100 days. You can start the morning with one simple task; draw your coffee mug, glue some paper, create new designs, practice a new song, write a poem. The idea is to get into your creative brain, to not think — just do. What matters most is that for about 10 minutes during your day (or longer) you are focused on your commitment. Things will evolve, ideas will emerge and this exercise will allow you to develop a creative habit. The good news is it will spill out into your art work.

The 100DayProject is organized by Ann Russ and Catherine Benda from Marquette, Michigan, who, in 2015, invited the Grand Marais Art Colony to be a sister-organization for this project.

Want to sign up? See the link here to get started: http://the100dayproject.com/