Eco-friendly Printmaking Studio

When established in 2005, the Art Colony printmaking studio was one of the first eco-friendly print studios in the Midwest. 

Along with hosting a series of intensive classes from May – September, the printmaking studio is available for exclusive residencies and cooperative studio access.

Independent residents are allotted a 500 square foot studio space and access to the following equipment:

Studio Equipment:

  • Takach 40 x 72-inch etching press
  • Vandercook Number 4 proof press
  • Copper etching facility
  • UV exposure unit & light box
  • Vent hood for aquatint

Independent, exclusive-use residency rates based on a 5-7 day week:

  • 1 week | $165
  • 2 weeks | $325
  • 3 weeks | $485
  • 4 weeks | $650
  • Cleaning fees will also be applied

To apply for an Independent Residency, please visit:

Should you be interested in cooperative studio access alternative rates apply. Please email: