Studio 21

Studio 21 is our newest acquisition and is the former North Shore Pharmacy building. It is approximately a 2,000 square foot work space with an open floor plan and can be used by artists working in two or three dimensions.

Note there is no venting system in the space; it is not currently purpose-built and renovations are pending for 2020.

Studio Equipment and amenities:

  • Ample wall space and push pins
  • Easels
  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Lights
  • Butcher paper

Visit our Residencies page by clicking here for more details on options for studio use. 

Become a member to rent studio space. Membership lasts for one year, is easy, affordable, and comes with many perks besides renting studio space.

Independent Residencies

Along with the Cook County local artist project space outlined in the above Call for Artists, the Art Colony invites independent artists-in-residence to contact them regarding scheduling studio time.


Studio 21 offers two dorm rooms with shared bathroom/shower and kitchen space.

Grant Funded Residencies

For those applying for a grant that requires a commitment from an organization in advance, note that the Art Colony selects a small number of artists to partner with in this way and advanced consent is required. Additional fees will apply for administration and marketing.

Contact the Art Colony for more details

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