Beginning Watercolor

Founders Hall Studio 120 W 3rd Avenue, Grand Marais, MN

Explore the foundation of watercolor techniques to create a small series of watercolor paintings inspired by the majestic scenery and natural elements of Grand Marais. Students will work from photos and each day will begin with practice and guided experimentation time using techniques such as washes, dry brush, color lifting, and resists. Todd will incorporate […]

Youth: Character Creation Camp: Use Your Imagination (Ages 6 – 10)

Pill Box Studio 21 W Highway 61, Grand Marais, MN

Do you love to draw, write, and use your imagination? This camp is for you! Join author and illustrator Nancy Carlson, who has published over 67 books, to create characters, get to know them and put them in original stories. Students will invent a character or characters and use artwork and the written word to […]

Exploring Lidded Vessels

Ceramics Studio 120 W 3rd Avenue, Grand Marais, MN

This four day workshop will be an introduction to and exploration of various lidded ceramic vessels. Students will use wheel-throwing and slab-building processes. Ben will demonstrate various lidded-vessel bodies, lids, and galleries (where the body interfaces with the lid). We will also look at historical and contemporary examples of lidded vessels. Prerequisite: basic understanding of […]

Etching Studio

Eco-friendly Printmaking Studio 21 W Highway 61, Grand Marais, MN

Etching is a traditional printmaking process in which lines or marks are physically bitten into a piece of metal (often copper) using an acid. This technique dates back to the sixteenth century and has been widely used by artists specializing in various mediums to create multiples of one image. Todd will give instruction and demonstrations […]

Sumi-e: Beginner’s Inspiration

Founders Hall Studio 120 W 3rd Avenue, Grand Marais, MN

Sumi-e is a Japanese word that means “ink picture.” Learn to paint the sumi-e way using ink, Chinese painting colors, rice paper, and bamboo brushes. In this class you will paint traditional subjects while learning the basic brushstrokes and techniques of the art form. Discussions will include beginning composition and an overview of the materials […]

Nature Inspired Katazome Samples

Founders Hall Studio 120 W 3rd Avenue, Grand Marais, MN

Create colorful fabric and paper samples you can use in quilting and book arts projects. Exploring the centuries-old Japanese textile design technique known as katazome (paste-resist stencil dyeing), you’ll design your own simple, nature-inspired stencils. Next, Kit will demonstrate how to apply rice paste resist through the stencils to cloth and paper. Once the paste […]

Layering Color and Light: Woodcut and Monoprint

Eco-friendly Printmaking Studio 21 W Highway 61, Grand Marais, MN

This engaging printmaking workshop focuses on monoprint and woodcut methods with an emphasis on layering color to produce luminous results. Students begin with observational studies from the natural world and then explore trace, stencil, painterly and multiple-plate monotype methods. Woodcut techniques are then added to layer transparent and opaque color to create a radiant sense […]

Form and Surface: Functional Canvases and Water Etching

Ceramics Studio 120 W 3rd Avenue, Grand Marais, MN

Looking to improve your ceramic forms and explore a new decorative process? In this workshop, Dallas will cover design elements in regards to both form and surface. Students will build upon these foundations, exploring forms of their own interest. Considering ceramic form as a three-dimensional canvas, Dallas will demonstrate the traditional as well as contemporary […]

Acrylic: The Versatile Medium

Founders Hall Studio 120 W 3rd Avenue, Grand Marais, MN

Having spent years presenting technical information about Golden Acrylic materials, Bonnie will demonstrate the versatility of acrylic materials and some unique possibilities, including creating texture with gels and pastes, painting on a variety of surfaces, making acrylic skins, and photo transfer techniques. Discover new ways to help move your paintings forward and gain a deeper […]

Painting Dynamic Interiors

Founders Hall Studio 120 W 3rd Avenue, Grand Marais, MN

This three-day painting workshop will focus on exploring the architectural interior as a painting subject. Topics discussed will include point-of-view/perspective, color and value, and the use of light and shadow in respect to spatial illusion, compositional dynamism, and narrative content. Other topics include tips for working from photographs, the possibilities of combined interior/ exterior views, […]

Mobiles: Sculpting with Line and Volume (Ages 11+)

Studio 21 21 W Highway 61, Grand Marais, MN

Create a suspended, mobile-like sculpture using line and volume as your guide. Using materials such as reed, tissue paper, wire and glue, students will learn about rectangular prisms, cylinders, and positive and negative space. Everyone will create a reed framework for their sculpture that will be skinned with a tissue paper matrix. The camp will […]

Family Class: Watercolor Monoprints (ages 12 to adult)

Eco-friendly Printmaking Studio 21 W Highway 61, Grand Marais, MN

Adults and kids will work alongside each other for a fun, family art primer. Watercolor monoprints are a fun introduction to printmaking. Students will work with water-based media like gouache and aqua crayons to paint, draw, and collage on thin plastic sheets. These designs will then be transferred to paper when run through the press. […]

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