2022 Independent Artists-in-Residence applications are currently open!

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The Art Colony provides artists with independent work space in professional studios amidst the backdrop of a stunning landscape. An environment of creative freedom supports the process and development of new works, allowing for a combination of aesthetic inquiry, creative risk-taking, experimentation, and artistic development.

Juried Artists-in-Residence

Two concurrent juried residencies are available, one in the Founders Hall Multi-discipline Studio and one in the Eco-friendly Printmaking Studio. Juried residents are provided with two weeks of studio access, lodging, and a weekly stipend. Residents may choose to provide a community engagement component (optional) for an additional stipend.  

Invited Residencies

Invited residencies are granted to an artist who is mature in practice and has experience with residencies and/or working on in-depth independent projects. The artist is selected as part of a committee process and offers a community engagement component during the residency, introducing the community to a specific aspect of their expertise and artistic practice.

Independent Residencies

Select dates are available for independent residencies or cooperative studio access on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis for Art Colony members. Experience our professional studios (clay, painting/multi-discipline, printmaking, and our writing room) and find uninterrupted space and time to focus, rejuvenate, and hone your artistic vision. Artists are encouraged to apply on our SlideRoom page.

Studio Sessions

Give yourself the gift of space and time to work on your work!

Studio Sessions are open-ended yet guided opportunities to work alongside other artists who are at equivalent levels in their creative practice. The facilitating artist-instructor will provide some structure for the group while meeting with each artist one-to-one to support their individual goals. Artists are invited to bring their works in progress and also explore new directions and influences.

Previous Juried & Invited



David Andree | Sculpture and Photography
Galilee Peaches | Sculpture and Painting
Grace Sippy | Printmaking


Corrie Steckelberg | Installation
Christine Forni | Printmaking
Dana De Ano | Two-and-a-half Dimensional Drawing and Mixed-media
Moheb Soliman | Performance Poetry
Moira Bateman | Textiles and Mixed-media
Annie Hejny | Painting
Nick Wroblewski | Printmaking


Jonathan Herrera | Printmaking
Jeffrey Stenbom | Glass
David Andree | Sculpture and Drawing
Gabriella Boros | Printmaking


Holly Newton Swift | Drawing
John Schuerman | Drawing
Luke Johnson | Printmaking


Charles Lume | Installation
Mary Bergs & Lisa Hochstein | Installation
Walter Early | Sculpture and Drawing
Beth Dorsey | Printmaking


Mary Bergs | Installation
Marty Harris | Printmaking


Ginny Sims | Drawing on Ceramic Pots


Dan and Lee Ross | Printmaking


Hazel Belvo | Painting