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Caring for your Heirloom Textiles

Caring for your Heirloom Textiles

February 18, 2018; 11:30 - 1:30 pm
Maureen Hark
Eco-Friendly Print Studio
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Textiles are a part of our every day life, from tea towels to christening gowns. Passed down from generation to generation many have strong sentimental value while others have artistic or historical interest. We are often torn between wanting to use them or tuck them safely away, but how we care for them today will make a difference for their future. Students can bring a textile to be prepared for storage under Maureen’s direction, while gaining essential decision making tools to better care for their pieces. 

This class is part of the Northern Fibers Retreat. Visit HERE for the full event details and schedule.

This class will be cancelled February 11, 2018, if minimum enrollment is not met. Please register before this date.
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